Rabbi Sid on Jewish Identity

Truth or Consequences (PDF and link)
Appeared in Jewish Peoplehood Papers, Fall 2013

Hold the Eulogy, Jewish Renaissance on the Rise (PDF)
Appeared in Conservative Judaism, Spring 2004

Educating the Children of Prophets (PDF)
Appeared in Jewish Education News, 2000

Teens and Tikkun Olam (PDF)
Appeared in Moment Magazine, Dec. 1999

Rabbi Sid on Social Justice

Judaism’s Moral Imperative to End Poverty
Appeared in Washington Post, December 20, 2014

Hanukkah and Human Rights
Appeared in Washington Post, December 20, 2008

A Rabbinic Call for Human Rights (PDF)
Appeared in New York Jewish Week, January 25, 2013

Faith and Service in Haiti (PDF)
Appeared in Washington Jewish Week, Feb. 17, 2011

Food Fight (PDF)
Appeared in Huffington Post, September 23, 2010

Can Social Justice Save the American Jewish Soul? (PDF)
Appeared in Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice, Jewish Lights Publishing, 2008

The Privilege Gap (PDF)
Appeared in Tikkun, Vol. 19, No. 5, Sept/Oct 2004

Judaism and Justice (PDF)
Appeared in The Reconstructionist, Fall 2003

Rabbi Sid on Service Learning

Jews with a Mission
Appeared in The New York Jewish Week, January 20, 2015

Service: The Path Back In to Israel for Young Jews on Their Way Out
Appeared in eJewish Philanthropy, April 15, 2015

Tzedek and Chesed: Re-Thinking The Relationship Between Advocacy and Service (PDF)
Appeared in eJewish Philanthropy Blog, November 7, 2010 and Zeek: Winter 2010

Jewish Civics: A Field Emerges (PDF)
Appeared in Sh’ma, March 2006

Renewing Jewish Life through Jewish Civics (PDF)
Appeared in Journal of Jewish Communal Service, June, 2000

Rabbi Sid on Zionism and the State of Israel

Israel: A Season of Reckoning
Appeared in The New York Jewish Week, October 1, 2014

Can Zionism be the Answer? (PDF)
Appeared in The New York Jewish Week, June 3, 2014

Build Middle East Peace on Lessons From Abraham
Appeared on, March 6, 2012

Israel’s Legitimacy (PDF)
Appeared in The New York Jewish Week, February 1, 2011

Israeli Arabs: A Challenge to Israel’s Democracy (PDF)
Appeared in The Washington Post’s “On Faith”, January 12, 2011

This is Zionism?
Appeared in The New York Jewish Week, June 3, 2009

Between Conscience and Solidarity (PDF)
Appeared in condensed form in the Forward, June 6, 2002

Rabbi Sid on Synagogues, Rabbis & Spirituality

From Synagogue Centers to Intentional Spiritual Communities (PDF)
Appeared in Reform Judaism, Strengthening Congregations: A Symposium, Winter 2015

Are Synagogues Still Relevant? (PDF)
Appeared in The Jewish Week, March 15, 2011

A Sacred Moment (PDF)
Appeared in New York Jewish Week, Dec. 3, 2010

Abraham’s “Return” and the Binding of Isaac (PDF)
Appeared in The Forward, September 10, 2010

Synagogues for a New Era (PDF)
Appeared in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, October, 2000

The Rabbi As Spiritual Leader (PDF)
Appeared in The Reconstructionist, Fall 1999

Some Call it God (PDF)
Appeared in The Reconstructionist, Spring 1994

Rabbi Sid on Interfaith Relations

Hanukkah and Interfaith Dialogue: Increasing the Light
Appeared simultaneously in the Huffington Post and The Washington Post’s “On Faith”, December 5, 2010

Other items of interest by or about Rabbi Sid…

Success and Succession (PDF)
Appeared in Sh’ma, January 2011

Covenant Award Acceptance Speech
Philadelphia, PA, November 21, 2002

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